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Photo Frenzy!

Want to spice up your pictures?...Well here are a couple fun ways to edit your pictures!


1. One fun way to edit your pictures is through a website known as It allows you to place your actual pictures into different frames as shown on the left. I started out with the picture of me with the striped background and then I put my picture onto the magazine. For the other one it was just an old picture frame and I stuck my picture in the frame. There are so many other options of frames that you can put your picture into and it is a lot of fun! (Click either picture on the left to go to the site)

2. If you have a Facebook website, another fun way to edit your pictures would be to go the Picnik application on Facebook. It gives you so many different options of how to edit your picture and it's very easy access because it uses all the pictures you have on your site. As you can see on the right, I made the one picture black and white except for the eyes and clothes and then in the other picture I made the saturation level higher and wrote a word in the water. This application is one that you will have to just experiment with to see all the different options but it's a lot of fun and the pictures end up looking really cool! (Click on either picture on the left to go to the site)