A Musician's Influence

The Benefits Musicians Offer our World Today

Musicians: They're everywhere! You can see them on streetcorners picking their guitars for pennies or on stages that are surrounded by seas of screaming fans--and anywhere in between. With so much music in our world, constantly surrounding us, there has to be some reason for it, right? Is all of this music beneficial, and if it is, what does it add to our society today?
World with Music

Within this site, I will show the immense impact that music has on everyday life. It has an incredible power to help people relate to one another, even when different backgrounds, languages, or cultures may threaten to divide. Music is universal, and it speaks in emotion: something to which every person can relate. By helping build connections, music breeds not only entertainment but also empathy and understanding. Being able and willing to try to understand others is a crucial part of life that often is pushed aside, but music helps bring that back into the center of our humanity.

The motivation behind this website is that I, an English major in college, am entirely enthralled by music and it's capabilities. I adore both listening to and creating music, and I want others so know that music has a great purpose in our world today. I want to pursue music in the future, and even though it seems like a risky endeavor, I believe it has the potential to change both my life and the lives of others. It is through music that we can share emotions, discover commonalities, and empathize with others while simultaneously discovering new aspects of ourselves.

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Last updated on April 26, 2012
by Ruth Marie.