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With the rapidly growing technology world it only makes sense to research all the new and improved ideas that are out there. In this particular page called computer news it is an assignment that we have to do in class where you have to find five news articles, videos or cartoons that relate to the internet and technology in some way. You then present what you have found with a few sentences describing your findings (not a summary).

Integrating Technology in the Classrom

January 20, 2012

Technology in the Classroom I never realized how much students and teachers alike heavily rely on technology in their classrooms. Keeping up with the latest technologies and integrating them into the classroom setting is so beneficial for everyone. It can help keep students more engaged in what the teacher is teaching. I can speak from personal experience when I say that technology really does keep students interesting. I remember in middle school when my school was on a low budget and wasn't able to integrate new technologies into the classroom. It was so boring and all the teacher did was talk or write on the chalkboard. When I got into high school we had new smart boards and white boards and we just got a newly refurbished music tech room equipped
with recording devices etc. Having all those fun
gadgets and incorporating videos into their lessons
can really help teachers to engage their students more.
I am very grateful for how technology has made
everything easier in the classroom. I wonder where we
would be without it today. Students have also become
so dependent on technology, we are so used to everything
being at our fingertips and we already have experience
with new technologies at our homes. So it would only be a
reasonable step to continue
that into our classrooms.

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What is Computer Hardware

January 18, 2012

Computer Hardware I have never realized how many components go into computers. Most of the time poeple just turn on the power button and start working away on their computers. But if you sit down to think about it there is so much stuff that goes into computers. Whenever I used to think hardware of the computer I used to think that it was this device inside the computer. Turns out hardware is your computer and all of the attachments that can come with it.

When we have laptops and such our hardware is basically just the computer itself but when you have a desktop system there are so many components. FOr example you would have speakers, a keyboard, a monitor, the system unit, and possibly other factors as well. It's crazy to think about all the things that computers are capable of. Most of the time it's just easier to work on your computer without thinking of everything that goes into the process of the computers tasks.

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Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Article Review

January 13, 2012

Adobe Creative Suite According to the article review that I was reading on the new Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Article Review the software has made many new upgrades for their product. Adobe had apparently been making updates on there software every few months but not really coming out with anything extremely new. This creative suite apparently has many more features that weren't offered in any of Adobe's products before.

Adobe now plans to stop making updates every few months and focus on making major software updates every two years. I am not much of an Adobe user I only use Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader. But for someone who is big into all of the Adobe products such as Adobe Dreamweaver, or Adobe Fireworks etc. This would seem to be a great product for them. The Adobe creative suite collection is fairly expensive but seems a small price to pay if you are going to use these highly evolved applications.

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Not Everything We Read Is True

January 11, 2012

So many people can be fooled into thinking what they read and see on the internet
is completely true. Many people can fall into the trap of believing everything that
they read and see. But there are so many scams and people putting false
information unto the web that we would never be able to correct all of the lies
out there. As internet users we need to be careful with the information that
we have gotten online. The Internet Lies

We shouldn't trust anything at first, if it comes directly from an internet source. Unless you know for a fact that a particular website is secure, don't believe it for a second. Since the internet is not controlled by the government anyone can put anything that they want unto the internet. Unfortunately people take this and use it to their own benefit. Many innocent people can get caught up in scams because they believed in what the internet was selling to them.

So the bottom line is to just be careful with any information
you receive from the internet or provide to the internet because
it is public access which is availableto anyone and everyone. It's hard
to believe but what you see and what you put onto the internet can
be accessed forever, so think of that next time you use your internet.

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Technology Age Communication

January 6, 2012

Computer Comic

Today's society has been driven by the latest technologies a person can quickly fall behind if they are not quick enough to update to the "latest versions". Take for example email, millions of emails are probably sent every day. It is hard to remember a time when people weren"t sending emails and were not able to receive responses in a mere matter of seconds. I have come to greatly appreciate the conveniences of our modern day technology.

Think of how many things we are able to take care of, or get done, or sent in because we can finish and send our work in a matter of seconds with one click of a button. I think people take for granted the convenience of the modern day email. Not that long ago there was no such thing as an email and everything was sent by "snail mail".

We can only remember how slow those letters would take to get to the recipient and the response time was slower as well. There are so many modern day things that would not be able to be accomplished without email. We are so lucky that we have this great convenience that lets us achieve things that some would have never thought possible because it is so easy to keep in touch with people through email. Email is one of today's greatest conveniences.

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