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During the image editiing project I learned a lot about the different programs I could use to edit photos and the different tools within those programs. Some programs that I used during this project were photoshop, paint and In photoshop one tool that I really enjoyed using was the stamp tool. It allowed me to compy part of the image from a diffferent area and paste it over stuff like text that I would rather not have in the picture. In picnik one of my favorite tools I used were the differnt effects. These effects allowed me to boost the color, change my photo to black and white or sepia as well as other cool effects.

The programs that I found to be the easiest was picnik. I found this to the be the easiest to use because it had step by step instructions. Picnik also allowed me to undo a mistake if i made one while editing, easier then any of the other programs. The program I found most challenging to use was photoshop. I found this to be difficult because I was unfamilur with the program and thus I found it tricky to work with. However, once I got the hang of how to work photoshop I found it to be enjoyable. All in all i enjoyed this imagine editing project and I look forward to being able to editing my photos in the future with some of the techniques I learned in this class.


Extensive Editing
Color Editing
Text Removed
animated gif