Vocal Music vs Instrumental Music

The most noticeable difference between types of music is what is making the music.

On one hand, we as humans possess a form of music-making called the voice. It is our most natural instrument, involving the gifts God has already endowed us with, our vocal chords.

We employ our vocal chords to produce sounds at various pitches and using various tones. The result is singing. It is the most common form of musical expression because most humans are born with the vocal chords necessary for it...singing requires nothing else.

Vocal music often employs verbal language as well. Each culture uses its own language and its own concepts when singing. This further aids in distinguishing the differences, if you just pay attention to the language and concepts portrayed in the vocal music you are listening to.


We as humans have also created our own form of expression through man-made instruments.

There are various types of musical instruments, each created with the intent of producing a different sound and tone.

Below is a chart of the basic kinds of musical instruments. Click on the different boxes to find out more about each type of instrument

The type of instrumentation used in a particular piece of music can provide powerful clues to the genre, time period, and culture the music comes from.


graphic sources: http://images1.fanpop.com/images/photos/2300000/singing-singing-2376339-400-400.jpg

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