An Overview of Four Styles of Christian Worship

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What's This Page About?

This website is intended to be a brief introduction to some of the diversity within Christian worship styles. Christianity is a huge, multifaceted religion, which has existed in many different forms over the past two thousand years. Some of these forms still exist today, while others have long since died out. This page will examine four basic styles that readers are likely to experience, Liturgical worship, Traditional worship, Contemporary worship, and Pentecostal worship. For each style of worship, this site will provide a brief introduction, an overview of the beliefs and practices within the style, an overview of the style's history, some strengths and weaknesses for each style, a few denominations which fall under that category, and additional resources for further reading. It's important to remember that all of these categories are very broad, and not everything in them will apply equally well to every adherent to that specific style. Additionally, the information is meant to be an introduction, and is not very in-depth.

Created by Matt Brown, COSC171
Last Updated January 20, 2010
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