The Why and How

What I hope to achieve with this site, is an appreciation for the various fighting systems and “styles” of combat, as well as an understanding of the fundamentals, and an admiration for culture and physical expression. For those that do not have any prior knowledge about anything related to martial arts, please do not feel like this is not for you: Whether you are aware of this or not, some aspect of the martial arts can be seen, or heard; is felt, demonstrated, or displayed—consciously or unconsciously—in everyday life.

As a society, we often lack an appreciation for other cultures, and when we do, it becomes easy to lose our own in the process. The martial arts are as physical as they are mental, and as socially reflective as they are personally revealing. In that paradox of mental/physical, social/personal revealing and reflecting, we find a medium that encompasses a large portion of what we seek: Simply to discover.

Here are some links & videos on the ideas, rules, philosophies, and helpful information behind martial arts, fighting sports, and self-defense:

Updated April 30th 2012 by Kalann Washington