William Shakespeare's Life

This is just a short summary of Shakespeare's life and some historical background.

Shakespeare timeline
Born: 1564 Died: 1616
Married: November 27? 1582 Marries Anne Hathaway
Had daugher Susanna 1583 Had Twins Hamnet and Judith 1584
Goes to London 1586 Writing Sonnets...1593-1599?
Joins 'The Chamberlain's Men'as an actor 1594-1599 Famous Globe Theater built

Shakespeare was born in 1564 and he married Anne Hathaway in 1582. They had three children together; a daughter and a set of twins. But the one twin, Hamnet, died at about the age of 10. Shakespeare joined an acting troup and had to go back and forth between his home and London. He acted frequently and wrote his sonnets and plays.Over the years he was a part of many acting groups, one of them being the Lord Chamberlain's Men. There is some question though, about what Shakespeare did in the beginning of his life and after his marriage and children. But between 1594-1599, he did a lot of writing. He later became part owner of the Globe theater which was a famous playhouse in London. After years of prosperity and fame, Shakespeare returned to his home in Stratford around 1612. He later died April 23, 1616. His friends in 1623 published a collection of 36 plays he had written.There was also a publication of his sonnets in 1609. Around some of Shakespeare's life, there is a mystery. He dedicated some of his works to a man name Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton and wrote about him in his sonnets. He also mentions a "dark lady" which may mean there was romantic relationships with both people. But, we're not sure. However, he has written some of the greatest works ever created in the English language.

Shakespeare's birth home in Stratford-upon-avon, England.