¿Por qué ir a Ecuador?

Tal vez has pensado en viajar o quizás deseas un cambio, algo afuera de la rutina cotidiana. Aquí está la respuesta: ¡Ecuador!

Perhaps you've thought about traveling or maybe you desire a change, something outside the everyday routine. Here's your answer: Ecuador!

For more information about Ecuador or to improve your Spanish, here are a few helpful links:
El Comercio - Ecuador's leading newspaper, and it's only 50 cents!
WordReference - A great online dictionary that includes discussion boards for unanswered linguistic questions.
Pandora.com - This music site has a decent collection of Spanish music, and listening is free! Recommended searches: Rojo, Panda, Mana, Bellanova
COPA - COPA is the Panamanian division of Continental, and now that you're in love with Ecuador, go here to book an affordable flight!