Chloe Agnew

     Twenty-year old Chloe Agnew joined Celtic Woman as an original vocalist in 2005 at only fifteen years old. But do not let Chloe's age fool you- she is one remarkable and extremely talented singer!

     Chloe was born in 1989, making her first television debut at only four weeks old on her mother, Adele "Twink" King's, Irish talk show. From that moment on, Chloe fell in love with the stage- and no doubt that the stage fell in love with her, for it was only at age ten that Chloe appeared in an Irish production of Handel's "Messiah." It was in 2001 that Chloe approached David Downes, soon-to-be director of Celtic Woman, asking if she could perform a song to raise money for children in Afghanistan. The song was a hit all over the world, raising over E20,2000 for the Afghanistan children. At age twelve, Chloe signed a record deal with Celtic Collections Inc, with David Downes behind her every step of the way. Chloe was able to record two of her own personal albums, titled "Chloe" and "Walking in the Air." Finally, in 2004 Chloe joined Celtic Woman as a lead vocalist, and has been touring with the group ever since.

     "The show has opened up a huge new door for me. I’ve gotten to do things I just never dreamed I could do; traveling the States and meeting so many people. What has been the best though is working with the other girls. They’re the most beautiful, talented women I’ve ever met and it’s been a great experience."

     But touring and performing is not all fun and games. There is plenty of hard work and practice that goes into ever single song, performance, and production that Celtic Woman produces. The reward? Greater than the music itself. "I got one letter from a girl who had a very rough childhood and hadn’t spoken in four years. She wrote that she heard my album and had recently joined the choir. Her mom told me that I’d changed her life. That’s when the hard work and blood, sweat and tears don’t matter. When you know that you’ve done that for one person’s life, it brings you to tears."

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