BENEFITS of choosing to eat organic foods:


There are so many benefits to eating organic foods:

~Organic foods are made according to certain product standards, meaning they are grown without the use of conventional pesticides and artificial fertilizers, free from contamination by human or industrial waste, and processed without food irradiation or additives.

1) When you eat organic foods you know exactly what you are consuming.

2) Organically-grown produce have MORE nutrient content than normal, commercially grown produce.

3) You encounter a relationship with nature. You know that your food is all-natural and that there were NO harsh chemicals, pesticides, or harmful pesticides used to grow your food.

4) Research shows that eating organic foods, may decrease your risk for disease and illnesses, such as Alzheimer's and Breast Cancer.

5) You are avoiding genetically modifed food (GM).

6) Maintain a healthy body weight.

7) Very healthy for infants because they are very susceptible to disease and early encounters with toxic chemicals.

8) No additives or preservatives are added to your food..

Some of the nutrients found in food grown the organic way:

- Chromium

- Calcium