Spread Sheet Help - Quattro Pro Ver 8 for Windows

New Instructions for Quattro Pro for Windows Version 8

More help with Graphs:

Quattro Pro will allow you to change almost all parts of a graph as well as add text anywhere on the graph. The procedure is to select the graph then to click on the part you want to change, then to click in the same area with the right mouse button to obtain a new dialogue box with special choices. See example at right. To add text anywhere click on the A icon near the top of the screen, now use the mouse to show where you want the text, click there or click and drag to show how big you want the text box to be. Now type your text.

Use the left mouse button to click on one of these choices; I chose the Series and obtained a new dialogue box so I can edit the data/labels to be used in the graph. Use the same procedure to change other things in the graph.

Printing a spread sheet or Graph

Note the print icon in the tool bar. A click here prints out the spreadsheet if the graph is not selected. If you are editing a graph, then the graph will print out. It is good to preview the spread sheet printout - in this preview, you can see if the spreadsheet will fit on one page or more and you can adjust the margins. Click on File and on Print Preview. Now you see to a new view screen with the following tool bar.

Changing the Margins

To change the margins, click on the margin button in the print preview screen. Then go to one of the dotted margins shown, and click and drag until the margin is where you want it. The minimum is 1/4 inch.

To get out of the Print Preview, click on the last icon on the menu bar (the printer with the "X" over it).

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