Gene Barry Chase, M.A., Ph.D., C.C.P.

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Messiah College

  • Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science 2007-present
  • Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science 1985-2007
  • Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1981-85
  • Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1979-81
  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1973-79

Dickinson College

  • Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, 2008 & 2010
  • Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, 2009


  • Gordon College: Gordon College's Mathematics and Computer Science program, November 22-23, 2010
  • Maryland Department of Education: Columbia Union College's Mathematics Education program, March 4-5, 1977
  • Malone College: Malone College's Computer Science program, November 9-10, 1998

Summer Institute of Linguistics

  • Yarinacocha, Peru, South America, 1987-88, Systems Analyst/Programmer
  • University of Texas at Arlington, 1982-83, Systems Analyst/Programmer
  • University of Washington, 1979, teaching Linguistics 471, Survey of Linguistic Theories

Cornell University

  • Department of Education. Teaching Assistant, 1970-73
    Teaching remedial mathematics and computer programming
  • Department of Mathematics. Teaching Assistant, 1965-66, 67-69
    Teaching calculus and sophomore engineering mathematics
  • Office of Computer Services. Liaison with Wells College; librarian for computer uses in education--under NSF grant to Finger Lakes Area Regional Computing Association, 1970-71


  • Consultant on the Wireless Enabled Remote Copresence (WERCware) project to enable remote job coaching via video for those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), 2011-present.

Tangram VII

  • Computer consulting firm, member, 1971-72. Fortran programming for Ecological modeling, contract work for Cornell University, Department of Ecology and Systematics.

Wells College

  • Instructor in Mathematics, 1969-70. Teaching calculus with computers, modern abstract algebra, and independent study projects in non-numerical uses of the computer

Houghton College

  • Instructor in Mathematics, 1966-67. Teaching mathematics for elementary school teachers, mathematics for secondary school teachers, and projective geometry

Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation

  • Apprentice Engineer, summers 1961-65. Two summers in digital programming; one, in analog computer programming. Language conversions of several programs; non-numerical computations; in analog computing, data reduction of telemetry and sonar tapes. Classified security clearance


Summer Institute of Linguistics

  • 1976 University of North Dakota. Research in linguistics
  • 1975 University of Washington. Linguistic Theories (mostly semantics), Analysis (advanced grammatical and phonological), Informant Techniques
  • 1974 Gordon College. Survey of Linguistic Theories, Advanced Linguistic Analysis Field Methods

Cornell University

  • 1979 Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Curriculum and Instruction.
    Dissertation: An Information-Processing Model for Mathematics Education.
    Committee: Harrison A. Geiselmann, Joseph E. Grimes, Anil Nerode
  • 1970 M.A., Mathematical logic. NSF Traineeship for first year

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • 1965 S.B. in Mathematics. Dean's list 7 of 8 terms

Professional & Honorary Society Memberships

current ...
  • Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences, past board member & past President (1989-91)
  • Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
past ...
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • American Association for Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematical Association of America
  • Sigma Zeta [honorary science society]
  • Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society [honorary]

Publications in the Mathematical Sciences

Speaking or Conference Hosting in the Mathematical Sciences

Technical Reviewer

  • Journals: Mathematics Teacher, UMAP Journal, Christian Scholar's Review, Ecology
  • Publishers: IV Press, DreamSeeker Books
  • Couger, J. Daniel and Loren E. Shannon, Fortran IV, Third edition
  • Ausubel, David P., Joseph D. Novak and Helen Hanesian, Educational Psychology/A Cognitive View, second edition
  • Schneider, David I. Microsoft QuickBASIC: An Introduction to Structured Programming
  • ICCP -- preparer of Certified Computer Professional (CCP) examination questions [because of scoring high on the examination]

Publications on Christianity

Interviewed by

  • Eternity magazine, October 1985
  • Slavic Gospel Association, November 1985 [audio tape available in Russian]
  • Popular Computing magazine
  • WHP-TV, Harrisburg, PA, 1976 [videotape available]


  • Who's Who in Theology and Science; first, second, third editions; 1992, 1994, 1996
  • Who's Who in American Education; first, fifth editions; 1992-1993, 1996-1997
  • Who's Who in the World; twelfth edition; 1994
  • Who's Who International, 1994
  • Men of Achievement; sixteenth edition 1994
  • Who's Who in Technology, Gale Research, Detroit MI; to appear
  • Who's Who in the East; 26th edition; 1997-1998
  • Who's Who in Technology, Gale Research, Detroit MI
  • Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 3rd & 4th editions
  • Who's Who International, 1994
  • Men of Achievement, 1994, 16th edition
  • American Men and Women in Science, 21st edn, 2002

Grants Received

  • Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center grant PSCE numbers TRA900025P and TRA930020P, 1990-present
    • for using parallel processing to do neural networks in my Artificial Intelligence course
  • National Science Foundation grant USE-9251281, 1992-1995 ``A Laboratory for Software Reusability in Computer Science''
    • an Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement grant to test the concept of software reusability across the curriculum in the Computer Science major
  • Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences, 1995-1996
    • for student assistance in bibliographic research
  • Messiah College Curriculum Grant, 1997-1998
    • for student assistance in authoring materials in JavaScript for Computer Programming I

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