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Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Messiah College
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Welcome to my home page, courtesy of Messiah College. I teach in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Here is my  weekly schedule

The opinions expressed on this page and the local pages in this directory to which it links do not represent Messiah College. 

Messiah College has campuses in Grantham, near Harrisburg, and in Philadelphia. The weather in the Harrisburg area is available.

Recent presentations

new "Filtering the Bible and Filtering Spam," a talk about the birth of subjective probability in 1693 with the work of John Craig. This is being revised, having been reviewed. Watch here for when a more mathematically accurate version appears.
Talk about Stephen Wolfram's book, A New Kind of Science from November 2002, which I revised for a presentation in May 2003, in the direction of a greater faith-discipline emphasis. I'll welcome feedback on this draft 0.1 however.
Articles by me mentioned in an alternate chapel at Messiah College, October 11, 2000, are available.
An outline is available for my talk on how to write a faith-discipline paper, as presented to the newly formed Cornell University Christian Faculty-Staff Forum on February 12, 1998. 


My résumé is available. My bookmarks give more clues about my current interests. This is the August 6, 1997 version of my bookmarks. 
  • Family

  • Visit my family page [221 Kbytes of pictures & text]. I enjoy genealogical research. On the Chase side, I descend from William Chase, born about 1613 in London, England. Unfortunately, all of the "famous" Chases in the US descended from William's youngest brother Aquila. So I am no nearer a relation than that to Salmon P. Chase, Chase Bank, or Chase and Sanborn coffee. 

  • Faith

  • I am commited to my Christian faith. And I enjoy Mathematics. I research the relationship between Under construction Christianity and Mathematics, which you may [not yet] key-word search, or you may see the first edition of the whole bibliography. A second edition is in the works. This is part of a larger project for the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences in which I hope to include on-line abstracts from Historia Mathematica.

  • Fun

  • Five times I have taught a first year seminar on science fiction, most recently to an honors section. I am interested in computational models of the real world, using computer graphics or computational linguistics. (I will teach Graphics again in the Fall of 2005.) I have worked with Summer Institute of Linguistics in computational linguistics for two sabbatical years and three summers. I still wake up every morning amazed that I get paid for doing what I would do for free if I were independently wealthy. 

    As a graduate of MIT, I read Tech Reviews for serious science reporting. I no longer subscribe to Annals of Improbable Research (AIR) for humor, except for their free email taste, mini-AIR. My favorite humor magazine is The Wittenburg Door 

  • Free

  • updated I direct a Christian organization helping men and women in the area of homosexuality called free!, a member organization of Exodus International. I was the first Exodus International webmaster. 
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