Bookmarks for Gene Chase

JavaScript Curriculum
Netscape JavaScript Debugger Start Page

reflectors, anonymous remailers, mail forwarders, free services

Sites that forward URLs or mail

MindSpring Enterprises Inc.
Managing your MindSpring Account
Anonymous Remailer
PURL Home Page
Monolith Free Internet Services
ACM First Society in Computing
Directory Four11 [see also Rockemail
ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network
Welcome to AOL [Username password
MIT Alumni Association
iName Personalized Email
FreePage Homepage Creator
  Writers Net - Published Writers 
Juno - Free Internet E-Mail Service

Not yet used by me

Welcome to HoTMaiL
Paralogic Corporation [Free Chat Room

Messiah College

Gene Chase's home page
Messiah College home page
Mathematics Department
Messiah personnel info [only from on-campus

Registration information

Closed classes, current semester
All classes, current semester
Prof Ratings
Tim Chase's prof evaluation tableau


ACLCP NETPAC (Library Catalog)
Interlibrary Loan - BOOK
Interlibrary Loan - PERIODICAL

Alumni Internet Addresses [Chase additions]
The Santos Database
Index of /egc/ [Peter Greer for Dave Valentine
Search for string in access.log
Looking at recent statistics, quick scan of
Jon Anderson's access.log

Search Engines BOTTOM UP

Alta Vista: Main Page [Digital Equipment Corp.
excite Netsearch
NlightN [Lycos + 500 proprietary DBs]
Databases include Business Periodicals Index, Education Index, ERIC, Biography Master Index, Conference Papers Index, Encyclopedia of Associations, Newspaper & Periodical Abstracts, and others
Inktomi Web Services
Lycos; now has good maps

People finders

Directory Four11 [see also Rockemail
"Bigfoot Advanced Search Page"
WhoWhere? Email Addresses
The Ultimate Directory - InfoSpace
AOL NameCheck
sixdegrees - About The Concept
The Genealogy Home Page


Le Pac® Access Pennsylvania Expert Search
ZWeb z39.50 Search Engine
Library Catalogs with Web Interfaces
AskERIC Home Page
OPACs, Gopher, Wais, Usenet archives

Closed set searches

CUI W3 Catalog
Alcuin [for specific etexts, not general
ALIWEB Search Form

Meta Searchers

All-in-One Search Page
The Internet Sleuth
MetaCrawler Searching
USE IT! - Unified Search Engine for Internet
AOL name checking
Welcome to My Yahoo!
Yahoo! BackWeb Channel Guide
The Open Text Index
Infoseek Guide
TradeWave Galaxy [also listed top down]
NetFirst [Trial OCLC annotated internet]
CUSI at Northwestern University
Harvest Brokers at IMS
AT&T Toll Free 800 Directory
List of Robots
W3 Search Engines
[Usenet] DejaNews Research Service


LISTWebber lists [actual searching]
PHOAKS Index [Unsenet
InReference, Inc.

Veronica gopher search menu
Gopher Index Archie search
NET LOCATOR: Jump to Search Results
UnCoverWeb Development Server
Searching the TradeWave Galaxy

References TOP DOWN

Reference books [dictionary, thesaurus]

Gopher Index: Roget
Assorted dictionaries [Martin Ramsch - Englisch]
Britannica Online
Language Dictionaries [Spanish et al.)

Digital Libraries [REPORTS, not citations]

CS technical reports

Cornell Computer Science Technical Reports
Query Interface to the CS Technical Report Harvest Broker
On-line CS Techreports
Computer Science Technical Reports Archive Sites
Technical Report Archives in Computer Science (By Institution)
UCSTRI -- Cover Page
WATERS Global Service Home Page
Digital Research Publications
WWW VL: HCI - Bibliographies [Human Computer Interface]
SRC Research Reports

NSF MetaCenter Computational Science Highlights
Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval/CIIR
EI Project Home Page
ERIC Clearinghouse for Math/Science
UC Berkeley Digital Library [Java in some places]
Stanford Digital Libraries Project
University of Michigan Digital Library Project
The Alexandria Project
The Informedia Project
UC Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE

Book excerpts

Dial-A-Book Chapter One

Usenet hierarchy from MIT
Microsoft Internet Central
TradeWave Galaxy [also listed bottom up]
Argus/University of Michigan Clearinghouse
Directory of /pub/usenet at MIT
Internet Public Library
World-Wide Web VL: Subjects
WWW VL: Literature/Online Books and Magazines
Listserv - List of Views
Compare LISTWebber lists in Search area for actual searching of lists (currently a limited number of lists)
Global Network Navigator Home Page
Web of Wonder
Welcome to the WELL
The Creative Internet Home Page
Point: It's What You're Searching For [Reviews
GNN Best of the Net Honorees
Argus/University of Michigan Clearinghouse
BoWeb '94 Award Recipients
Search The Internet with The Internet Sleuth
Magellan [navigator]
HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites
Intellicast weather
Useless WWW Pages
Web Review
(whre I found Net Attache' Light
Really Useful Sites

Cornell University

Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory

Christian resources

Search sites

Institute for Christian Leadership [ICLnet]
GOSHEN: Global Online Service Helping Evangelize Nations
Gospel Communications Network [GCN]
NetCentral [Christian Booksellers]
Includes info on Creation '96
IUGM's Links to Christian Internet Resources
Christian Internet Directory [Searchable


United States Center for World Mission
Gospel Communications Network
The AD2000 and Beyond Movement
The 10-40 Window Project
People Group Consultant Query Form


Family Organizations

Focus on the Family
American Family Association, Inc.
It links to my pages
The Family Research Council Table of Contents


The Right Side of the Web
Conservative Crossroads
Christian Coalition/Ralph Reed

Unravelling Wittgensteins Net - A Christian ThinkTank
Leadership U [Christian Leadership Ministry]
Division of Campus Crusade for Christ;
Stan Oakes, Director
Christian Reconstruction Debate [pro-CR
The Debate Continues [Jay Smith on Islam]
Jay Smith, the Qur'an (Koran)
Science & Christianity List [UIUC grad student's work]
Access Research Network [Creationism]


MennoLink Mennonite Information Center


Sojourners [magazine
Christianity Today
The Door

Bible Study Tools
Hyper-Biblia [Russian Bible
The Episcopal School for Ministry
ECPA [Evangelical Christian Publishers Assn
Leadership Network Home Page
virtual funerals!
Serious Developments -- Free Christian Software Directory

Computer Science [software; AI; semantics;...]

Software references, sources

General Repositories

OAK Software Repository
FTP search v3.3
Borland's ftp site: VRML &c.

Unix references

UNIX Reference Desk
UNIX Shell Commands Reference Card
Table of Contents
CERN UNIX User Guide
Version 1.02
UNIXhelp for users

MIT Athena Software Distribution [GNU, etc.]
Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Internet!
Adobe Downloadable Software
ftp to Oh! Pascal! answer key
Note they are in Standard Pascal
Avalon CDROM
3D object resources; source of SB for NT
JASC Home page
Stroud's Internet Apps [software reviews/links
Gizmos for use with Mosaic
The Icon Programming Language
Adele Goldberg teaching objects
LearningWorks in Smalltalk

Imaging/Computer Graphics

The Mesa 3-D graphics library
Imaging & Visualization Laboratory
Imaging/Distributed Computing [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab]
Image Processing With Live Video Sources


objects & interface description language

Amoeba WWW Server
AP Program C++, SIGCSE interactions
C++ Resources
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) and the OMG
C++ pitfalls Cay Horstmann
YACL: Yet Another Class Library
Peter Coad, OI
Patterns Home Page
From CACM, 39, 10, Oct 1996, page 82

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Denotational semantics, Ken Slonneger; prolog code
University Video Communications [OOP & reflection]
The Computer Museum
NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse

Windows NT/95

Why I Hate Windows 95
The Windows NT & Windows 95 Files Archive
Windows NT Internet Applications and Resources
Windows NT Web Server Tools - Jim Buyens
EMWAC Home Page
This documents the install of https,
an http server for NT. I haven't done
it yet even though it's in a directory,
because it could do damage if not done right.
[Microsoft Developer Network] For Developers Only
Wildnet NNTP clients [only alas!]
A nice set of graphics, too!
StarNet Communications Corp.

Web info



lvrfy: A HTML Link Verifier
WebTechs HTML Validation Service

Clip art

SBN Image Gallery


Guidelines for Web Document Style & Design (DL SunSITE)
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
Virtual Library/CyberWeb: Style

Reference Manuals & Tables of Codes

Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Data Formats:HTML:Reference
HTML Special Characters [Local copy]
Colors & Hex Numbers
iso8859-1 table
HTML Quick Reference (including Explorer and Netscape extensions)

Writing HTML, SGML, TEI, etc.
WWW/HTML Developer p3
HTML Server Side Include Directives
NCompass Labs: Netscape ActiveX
Only for Win 95 & Win NT 4.0 so far!
--Active X controls for Netscape.
htmltoc [table of contents creator for html
The HotDog Web Editor

Fonts/TeX/Non-Roman scripts/WebEQ math

Relcom Company, Moscow
Cyrillic characters within different software
Multi-Localization enhancement of NCSA Mosaic for X 2.4
WebEQ 2.0
Free TrueType fonts [Microsoft
Jasper Home Page
TeX support
Font information
[Ping] Shodouka launchpad


Web-Counter Home Page
Counter Script
HTML Access Counter
Requires Perl to run it

Web Serving / httpd / tools

Internet Text Standard [E-mail headers RFC
Crocker, D. RFC-822: Standard for the Format of ARPA Internet Text Messages. Aug 1982
Windows httpd
NCSA httpd Overview
PICS Rating Services and Rating Systems
From CACM, 39, 10, Oct. 1996
Cookie Monster [Macintosh
Windows 3.1Web Server Development Tools



Using CGI at UMR [hints for cgi_bin]
A CGI Programmer's Reference


Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript
Nic's Javascript Page
JavaScript Guide
What's New in JavaScript for Navigator 4.0
Netscape DevEdge Online


Java Home Page
Java SQL, IDL, RMI, Beans
JARS [Java Review Service
JavaWorld - May 1996
Materials for a Java and Internet Programming Course by
Java Page: O'Reilly & Associates
Symantec Café
Digital Collage [Great Train simulation!


NCSA Imagemap Tutorial
MindQ [Java tutorial


JavaScript Examples [Moonen et al.
van Arragon javascript
Marion High [good Java examples]
Gary Padgham's high school [csc181a Fall 1996]
InterNetivity Java demos [Conway's Life
Star Trek w/embedded applet use
Gay --good javascript and midi

Some Questions and Answers about using Java in Computer Science Curricula

Web metrics

Internet Domain Survey
Matrix Information & Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS)

Sociology of cyberspace

21C The magazine of the 21st century
Gilder Articles [Internet sociology]
WIRED 4.01 - White Paper - By Pamela Samuelson
The File Room Censorship Archive

Robots/softbots/web wanderers

World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders
For talk on active & passive agents in senior seminar 1996
The URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!

Sound/Video players

RealAudio Homepage
Voxware Home Page
CoolTalk Phonebook
VDOnet - Real-Time Video & Audio over the Internet
InterVU MPEG Player

Graphics manipulation

GIF Construction Set


Finding Aids in SGML (DL SunSITE)
WWW-to-PAT Gateway [SGML aware; article]

VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language


VRML San Francisco [Big Book Directory Search
Planet 9 Studios [Best!
VirtualSOMA [careful ...
This ate up all my machine's processing power. Run as sole application.
Savannah College of Art and Design
Campus Tour of S.C.A.D. [see above]

Web.Actwin.Com VRML
VRML Forum
Worlds Inc - VRML+
Designing Your Own Cyberview 3D Documents
InterVista Home Page
Open Inventor
VRML Repository

The Web Developer's Virtual Library WHEW!
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
U. Delaware Web For Secure Campus Business
Vosaic: Continuous Media on the Web
Was vaporware as of 7/10/96
New Wine - IRC
Toronto Blessing Internet Relay Chat page. Must telnet to chat.
SoloTech's Resources for Internet Novices
Webserver [magazine on line
Remote FAXing
Anthony's Icon Library (appl)
Icons for all occasions (math, swords, ...)
Information Superhighway - DW InfoServer
Web Course in a Box
The Productivity Works [for the blind]
Reading web pages for the blind!
Cosmo Player 1.0 beta2a Release Notes


Chaos/Fractals/non-linear dynamical systems

Mandelbrot Explorer
Mandelbrot and Julia Set Explorer
Chaos at Maryland


The Geometry Center Welcome Page
The Geometry Forum
LAVA Check In [Jonanthan Senning Linear Algebra
Visualizations in Materials Science
Calculus graphics -- Douglas N. Arnold

History of Mathematics

A Brief History of Algebra and Computing: An Eclectic Oxonian View
History of Mathematics with Original Sources
Women Mathematicians
Index Map
History of Mathematics Home Page
History of Mathematics
The History of Mathematics
Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Cornell University Department of Mathematics
Mathematics Archives WWW Server
DERIVE Lab Manual
The Geometry Center/ CHANCE database
Journal of Statistics Education Homepage
On-line Mathematics Dictionary
Numerical Analysis Text, Mathematica
Mathematical files for Numerical Analysis text by John Mathews. See also for matlab, C, Fortran, and Pascal
Mathematics Information Servers
This Is Mega-Mathematics!
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
Mathematical Animation Gallery
Mathematical Quotation Server
Xmorphia [PDE solution]
Interactive Laboratories for Calculus of Several Variables
Dave's Math Tables
Print A Googolplex

Literature [incl. Science Fiction, Newspapers]


The Electronic Newsstand
The Atlantic Monthly
MEGASOURCES: Journalism Resources


Wall Street Journal
Houston Chronicle
San Francisco Chronicle
Boston Globe

Newspapers and Journalism Links
PointCast Home Page

Science Fiction

(The Spider's Web) Star Trek
Hugo Award Winners, 1953-1995
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
Science Fiction [on TV
Types of Utopias Table
Graphic image of typology tree. Links to other parts of course handouts - from E! Online

The search for some hypertext fiction Bookstore
Project Gutenberg Home Page

Colleges/Universities [incl. legal inst., PSC]

College and University Home Pages
Legal Information Institute
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Home Page
UWinfo -- University of Waterloo
Higher Education & WWW
ILTweb v.4.0.6
Eindhoven University of Technology [TUE]


Yahoo! Maps
Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map
CumberLink, Carlisle, Cumberland Co. Pennsylvania

Search for ZIP or geographic name

Zip code search
Geographic Nameserver [#1]
Name search (town, zip code, ...) [#2]

GIS -- Geographic Information Systems [incl. weather maps

Directory of /pub/map [GIS files from Xerox, public domain] GIS Utilities
EROS home page [GIS Earth Resources Observation System]
United States Geological Survey
Weather Service: Hydrologic RS Center
AVHRR sample images and viewers
[Snow mapping graphics]

GT OnLine: Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph
Newpaper with top news story of the day.
Guide to Australia
The UC CD-ROM [Tiger & census files
Welcome to Housing Solutions [Ithaca NY
The Alexandria Project


The Galileo Project

Library of Congress/ American Memory

Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page
American Memory, Library of Congress
Superb photo, movie, sound collection!

Laws/legal information

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Cyberspace Law for Non-Lawyers

Federal agencies

SSA Home Page
The Federal Web Locator
National Science Foundation World Wide Web Server
Census Bureau Home Page
U.S. Postal Service [zip+4, mailing weights

The Company Corporation
Vote Smart Web

Personal home pages

Messiah Students

Julie Jekel
Scott C. Moonen
Matt Morrison

Messiah Alumni

Gregory S. Aist
Dwight Schwartz
Bundy, Bruce & Merly
David Kindred
Lancaster Country Day School [Len Wolf]
Kevin S. Robinson, U.Fla. Statistics
Messiah College mathematics major, alumnus.
David Smith
Messiah College mathematics major, alumnus.
David K. Smith [Dave's House]


Knuth versus Email [Don Knuth
Andrew S. Tanenbaum [Free University
Clifford H. Wagner [Penn State Harrisburg
Ray Dougherty [NYU Linguistics]
Owen Astrachan [C++ textbook]
Greg Crow [PLNC Mathematics and CS]
Randall Pruim [Calvin Col.; computat. complex]
Rodney S. Tosten, Gettysburg Col.

Other Friends

Chip Cain [Beauty for Ashes
Paul Gibson
Ken Gimmi [QMT
Larry Hale [Internet Gateway Corporation]
Kimball's Page [Kimball Martin
Brenneman Printing [David Stephens
Bill Strausbaugh
Good links to higher education

John Chase
jordon5 Byers
Cornell Alumni
Louie Crew [a.k.a. Li Min Hua, Quean Lutibelle, et al.]
James K. Tauber [GreekGIF and ntt]
Steve Mann [MIT Media Lab goggles]
As described in Newsweek in July 1995
International Study Centre HERSTMONCEUX CASTLE
Bob Crawford's university
Stephen Glanowski [McLean Bible Church



The Comic Strip ®
UExpress--The Home of Universal Press Syndicate
The Dilbert Zone

Pictures from space

Earth and Moon Viewer
The Nine Planets
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
SDAC [Solar Data Analysis]


Play Battleships
BlackJack Server
id Software Inc.

Random/cool sites to visit

Cool Site of the Day
Random web page
The Creative Internet Home Page [Cal Tech]
Webaholics Home Page v2.1

The Postcard Store
Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit
Robotic Tele-Excavation
Exploratorium Home Page
LEGOsheets on the Remote Exploratorium
Veb Village
Sunrayce 95 Web Server
Cygnus Support Christmas Tree
Faces author, Cory Gilbert
The fun "faces" page; also some Virginia travel photos
Hot AIR: rare and well done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
"The Vivarin There's No Place Like Home Pages" Contest
Contest for best undergraduate web page. Interesting use of <title> to achieve motion!
What to Expect: Baby Name Finder

Sexuality links omitted here.


Project Overview
The World Lecture Hall
Welcome to Engines for Education
Roger Schank's ILS project
Scholastic Central


Internet II
Addison Wesley publications in CS
Object Oriented Prog. C++
EI Courses [Computer Science, VA Tech]
Carnegie Mellon Comp Sci Courses, Seminars
On the Road and Under the Hood on the Information Superighway
Systems Analysis and Design

Ethics course at CMU, syllabus
Gene's education resource search 1994
The MIT Biology Hypertextbook Home Page
History of Western Civilization, Knox
Oracle Offers College Curriculum Tool
Open University On-Line Courses

Businesses/User Groups/Careers/Finances


Organizations I do business with

Discover® Card Account Service Center
FAFSA Express
Requires modem availability

Stock market/mutual funds

PC Quote Makes the Internet MarketSmart
Experimental Stock Market Data
The Mutual Funds Home Page(sm)
Morningstar Home [password]

The Syndicate
Financial Planning Calculators Index
NETworth by GALT Technologies, Inc. [password]
Quote.Com Home Page
Welcome to Hoover's Online!
CardTrak - "Tracking Bank Credit Cards for the American Consumer"
Financial Aid Information [financial calculators included


CareerMosaic Page 1
Online career center


Time, Inc.
Time Inc. Pathfinder [newest]
Welcome To HotWired!
WEBster, the Cyberspace Surfer
TimesFax [NY Times]
Welcome to PC/Computing

Computer Organizations

ACM First Society in Computing
PennSun -- The Penn State Sun Users' Group
DECUS Home Page

Computer Software

Microsoft Technical Support
GroupWise Cool Solutions
Micro Focus Home Page
Oracle Workgroup NT
Object International Homepage
Borland Online
Search for a WP Printer Driver

Computer Hardware

Digital Equipment Corporation
Sun Microsystems

Book publishers

Prentice Hall
Macmillan Publishing USA
McGraw-Hill/ Wm. C. Brown Publishers
Addison Wesley Longman

H.O.T. Coupons!


Solar System Live


Periodic Table of the Elements
The NIH Molecular Modeling Home Page
CambridgeSoft [Chemistry
Hypercube Home Page


Three Dimensional Medical Reconstruction
Slice of Life World Wide Web Home Page
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Info Page


National Society of Professional Engineers Home Page
The Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers


Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page
Stress Test


MedAccess: Title Page
UW Madison Med School InfoLink
The Medical Information Archives
OncoLink [UPenn Cancer]


AudioNet Radio Station Guide
The Complete MIDI File Directory
Tommy Rogers [Christiani MIDI
Willow Creek Music
Songs of Praise by Gilberto Barreto


Le Ministère de la culture [French government]


Christo & Jeanne-Claude Home Page
Bienvenue sur le Web de Picasso
UCI Bookstore: Ansel Adams Home Page

ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
FineArt Forum Index Page


Muse [West Stock photo library
PhotoDisc: Royalty free digital stock photography
Liaison International Stock Photography
Publishers Depot
Corbis Home Page

Art on the Net
Gerd's MIDI Pages: The Collection


Travelocity Home Page



Yellow Pages


What's New
What's Cool

Online Clipper Page)
Matt Kruse's Perl Scripts
The Online Support Center
Java Education - Introduction to Java Online Course - Multimedia Course Instructions
LearnItOnline Home Page
Three Door Puzzle: Intro
AudioNet: The Broadcast Network on the Internet
Look@Me - An Internet Applet
Internet Explorer 4.0 Platform Preview
Welcome to RealMedia !
RealAudio Showcase
AudioNet Radio Station Guide
I, Cringely [PBS computers commentator
ExTel: Long Distance Phone Service at just 9.9¢/minute
The APA Monitor, Newspaper of the American Psychological Association