Crafts To Aid Learning

Here are some more ideas to do with young kids to aid in their learning. These crafts are fun to make and cute to hang around a classroom or in a house. Crafts allow kids to use their imagination while allowing them to showcase their creativity. Also, making the crafts continues to build on skills such as hand-eye coordination and writing improvement. No two crafts will look the same because each child is different, and that is perfectly fine. It is important to let children be creative when it comes to crafts. Don't make them color inside the lines; encourage them to think outside the box. Creativity is a great skill to have, and it starts young. There is no right or wrong way to complete these crafts, so let the kids go for it and see what happens.


Penguin Footprints Liquid chalk in muffin pan Education Starts Young
Salt painting Homemade super bounce balls Colored Rice
Baggies filled with diffferent items Rice and items to find in a water bottle

Last Updated January 2012
by C.E.D.