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Many of the courses I teach involve student teams projects. These team projects tend to emphasize the discipline of software engineering and database design and development. To aid as a resource to current and future students, I maintain this web site.


BUS 380 Small Business Development Course Information

Course Overview Presentation

Business Plan Project Proposal


The Nook

Living Water


CSC 333 Spring ‘05 Projects

Young Life

Harrisburg Schools


Iglesia Metodista Unida Stevens Immanuel

Nativity School


CSC333A-Spring’03 Projects

SCS Inventory Mgt



Basketball Camp



Church DB

Upper Allen FD


Gender Initiative


CSC333-Spring’04 Projects

Center for Champions
Tim Brearly, Erica Nelson, Justin Witmer, Paul Scheck

Creating a database for tracking participants with their associated information as well as tracking behavioral changes for each.

CURE International
Tyler Alexander, Ryan Tierney, Keith Wagner, Clayton Hughes

What they want done is to implement barcodes into their current database system. They are also looking into making their current database more flexible and allow it to do more. The benefits include a better way of organizing all the donated materials, help with auditing situations, and increased ease of manifest for creation for containers that they send to locations worldwide.

HELP Ministries Database Project

Ria Ghose, David Hess, Robert Lusk

This team worked with Christian Churches United HELP Ministries, an organization involved with providing emergency services to people in the tri-county area of Harrisburg. They provide emergency food referrals, travel assistance, prescription medication, etc. They currently have a database in Alpha 5 which is not very powerful and does not meet their need for making various searches and generating reports based on different criteria. Our project created a database in MS Access that provides the functionality HELP desires. We initially created a UML model of their current database based on the existing system and interactions with HELP personnel. Based on the UML model, we created a physical database in MS Access which is capable of generating reports and forms that meet our project objective. The system is now capable of allowing client information to be added and generating reports based on the nature of the service provider. 


Database Synchronization Between a Church Portal and a Church Management System

Doug Ader, Eli Landers, Berenice Vasquez-Dominguez

We present a walkthrough of our semester project, which we spent working on improving West Shore Evangelical Free Church’s’ database system.  The goal of our project was to synchronize the membership data between two database systems.  These two database systems can not be connected directly and therefore the synchronization must be a two step process.  The first step is to extract new and changed membership data from one database, and the second step is to upload this data in to the target database.   We will examine problems, issues, solutions and lessons learned during the semester working with this project.  Also, as a part of our short presentation will be a demonstration of the data extraction application that we have created. Our application has allowed for an improved and more accurate database system for the church.

West Shore E-Free Web Survey System
Christian Felts, Chris Dries, Brad Coverdale, Josh Henry

This project is beneficial to the West Shore Evangelical Free Church in terms of tracking the opinions of its members. We will be creating the survey system so that the administration can receive the results in order to better assess to the needs of the church members in the community.

Building a Database for the Central PA Food Bank

Ryan Robinson, Archibald Jamieson, Joshua Berkey, Ed Bond


Christ Community Church has taken on the role of governing the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and is need of a simple, but functional, database to manage food recipients. In addition, the database we developed can tabulate key information regarding the number of unique households served in order to calculate proper tax statistics. The database will serve as a means of generating necessary tax statistics which must be delivered to the government monthly.



BIS412-Spring’04 Projects


Project Access Hope for New Hope Ministries

Daniel Vickers, Philip Kelly, Joe Shaughnessy


We are working with New Hope Ministries to develop a new client database system. New Hope Ministries desires a system that would combine their two current databases, store more information about clients and their families, and make it easier to make reports. We are using an incremental analysis and design model to create a single improved database that can generate reports and reduce duplicate records. We have created a customized system that meets their specific needs and will allow them to have more time to help their clients.


Brethren Housing Association Database Project

Steve Salzone, Jarred Neff, Berenice Vasquez-Dominguez, Levi Schmieg


Brethren Housing Association is a Harrisburg based, nonprofit organization that helps provide “transitional housing for individual and families with housing needs in an atmosphere of hope, respect, humility, patience with an emphasis placed on goal setting and development of life skills and self esteem.” We created a customized database to meet the specific and potential needs in a scalable and user friendly way.  This new Microsoft Access database system will be replacing their current system, Church Membership Plus, an off the shelf system designed to manage church congregations.  Our system meets all of the needs for storing and tracking information without overloading the user with the unnecessary functionality of the old system. It was a blessing to work with a Christian nonprofit organization to provide a service helping them to expand their devoted and compassionate ministry.


Project Forward Leap

Jeffrey Lamos, Ryan Albright, Reed Horanburg, Daniel Groff


Project Forward Leap is a non-profit summer camp for inner city youth. They hold these camps at area colleges such as Messiah in an effort to provide encouragement to middle-school age students. For our project, we chose to develop a database that will manage and store information for PFL in three areas: Student Tracking, Human Resources, and Inventory Management. We went through a five step process that allowed us to experience the fundamentals of project management from planning and analysis to design and implementation. Using Microsoft Access, we built these three systems that will hopefully prove helpful for years to come.


CSC 333 Spring 2005