Physics is Fun!!   

Physlets (Physics Applets)
The Virtual Physics Center
Physics and Astrophysics Applets - VERY USEFUL!
Feynman's Brownian Motor
Virtual Laboratory List of really good Java, Shockwave, and VRML Physics demos
Virtual Physics Laboratory National Taiwan Normal University
Interactive Physics and Math with Java
How Transistors are made
Harmonic Motion Apparatus - You are in CONTROL!
Virtual Laboratory Check out the awesome java applets from University of Oregon
Physics of rainbows
Kilowatt Hour Calculator How much are your Appliances Costing You? From University of Oregon
OHM'S LAW: Activate the Light Bulb. From University of Oregon

Astronomy Links maintained by George Perkins.
Astronomy Now, a British magazine.
Project Galileo: Bringing Jupiter to Earth
John A. Shaw's Astronomical Image Archive
The Hubble Space Telescope Graphics Index
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures 

What can you do with a physics degree
Career Information from the University of Richmond
Career Information from Southwestern college
Job Listing & Information from Michigan State Univ.
Physics Jobs On-Line

Science Education Resources from Alan Cairns
PhysicsEd: Physics Education Resources
Physics Departments on the Web
Web Physics - Teaching and Learning Physics with World Wide Web Technology
Center for Science and Mathematics Teaching - Tufts University

Slinky Homepage
Jungle-Gym Drop Teacher's Guide
Amusement Park Physics
LASSP Experiments - Cornell University
Amateur Radiation Detection and Experimentation Page

What is physics? from Old Dominion University - great graphics
Virtual Physics Tutorial
X-Ray & Neutron Diffraction Pictorial Guide - Explore the inner workings of the Atom
The Soundry Multimedia Site - All about the physics of sound
Spacetime 101 - CalTech
Exploring Gravity Tutorial Site
How Things Work: Physics in Everyday Life - University of Virginia
Vectors in Physics Tutorial
Fun@Learning Physics - Teaches Dynamics Concepts using multimedia

Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Torsional Mode.
Resonant Foot Bridge at Messiah College
Rotational Motion in Swing Dancing.
Cannon's Logo projectile!
Animated student built Motor!
Simple Clipart and Apparatus Diagrams
Animation Creations Links to free animated gifs and miscellaneous
Wheatstone Bridge Measure an Unknown Resistance
Vibrations and Waves Animations Kettering University, Flint, MI

Miscellaneous Physics programs and information
Humorous Cartoon Laws of Physics.
4,000 years of women in science!
Fizzix is Phun
Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics

American Association of Physics Teachers [AAPT]
American Institute of Physics [AIP]
American Physical Society [APS]
NASA homepage - quite complete!
HEP World Wide Index of High Energy Physics
CERN - European Center for Particle Physics
Fermilab National Laboratory
International Institute Of Theoretical and Applied Physics [IITAP]

Physics/Chemistry Unit Conversion Chart
Physics Constants Reference
NASA Astrophysics Data System - Astrophysics Archive - Harvard University
General Physics Links
PhysLink Access thousands of Physics resources
Los Alamos Achives a collection of abstracts
Physical & Chemical Science Resources on
Mass Spectrometry Resources
Physics and Astronomy Web Resources George Mason University Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics Simulations
C|net Shareware Index
Bridge Resonance Software
Data Analysis - Curve Fitting Program named CORCO

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