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'Ficticious' Centrifugal - Force Rope trick
Physics Movies [mpg's]
Some of these .mpg [mpgs or mpegs] are from my AAPT prize winning video. It is my hope that they can be a short highlight in one of your fine Physics or Math. lectures!

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from Dymanic Bridges
Clips of the Dynamic Bridge Resonance Video!

Bridge in the 2nd harmonic
[end view]
Bridge: 2nd harmonic [side view] 3rd harmonic Bridge in the 4th harmonic Jumping with the bridge 2 Torsional Harmonic
25 students on Bridge 2nd harmonic
Ripple Tank mpg's ... Vwave = 19 m/s
Doppler Effect
Vsource = 14 m/s
Doppler Effect
Vsource = 18 m/s

Shock Wave

Vsource = 20 m/s
Shock Wave
Vsource = 30 m/s
Two Slit Diffraction
1st, 2nd, & 3rd harmonic - Bubble
Beautiful Bubble
Waves and Conservation of Angular Momentum MPGs
Conservation of MVR See and hear the beat frequency.
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car flying Roller Coaster:
3.5 g's
4.5 g's
Drag Race
Burn Out
Bridge in the 5th harmonic Special Kayak .mpg's Water in Orbit See Centripetal accelerations
Egg falls 30 ft.
Oscilloscope Art 1 Oscilloscope Art 2 There is great beauty in Physics
Whirling cake proves a point about force Scarf Juggling
Projectile & Rotational Motion

Same but no stopping
Spinning Skater Paul Wylie & Scott Davis Skaters from /physics/stuff /skater.html This is a case of constant velocity Mystery of Open and closed organ pipe. Why does the pitch go up when you remove the stop? Humorous projectile motion:
Raft: con. of mv
Cat Rotation
.3. .4. .5. .6.

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