How to square dance

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Here you can learn all the basics of square dancing. First, I'm going to expain the formation of the square and some other important information you should know before you begin square dancing. Then I will explain with pictures how to do most of the calls that are used when square dancing.


A square consists of four couples, like in the picture above. You make a sqare with each couple facing toward the center. Each couple is a diffent side of the square.
The man is always on the left, the woman on the right.This is the setup for the square.
Now, I am going to explain just a few common moves that are often used in square dancing. One is called the promenade. What you do for the promenade is the man takes the woman's right hand in his right hand and her left hand in his left hand. The right hands go on top. They are held in front of the couple, which by the way, is facing the same direction. The couple then walks around in a circle holding hands the whole time.Another popular call is swing you partner. For swing your parter the couples face eachother and the man puts his right hand on the woman's waist. The woman puts her left hand on the man's shoulder. And then they hold hands with their other hands. You then spin around however many times the caller specifies you should.The key to square dancing is to list to the calls. Another popular call is the alaman left.For this call you need to find your corner, which if you are a man means the woman on your left. If you are a woman it means the man on your right. You then take your left hand with this person and walk forward, turning in a circle, until you are back at you spot. Then for the woman face toward the center. Often used after this call is the Grand right and left. In the Grand right and left, you take right hands with you parter, and drop then, walk in a circle, skip the gentleman, and take the left hand of the next girl. You continue doing this with opposite hands each time until you reach your parter again. Usually following the Grand right and left is promenade your partner home. There are so many calls for square dancing. I have just provided you with the basics, the best way to learn is to get out there and try it!

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